The Other Side of Alzheimer’s

My book, “THE OTHER SIDE OF ALZHEIMER’S, What Happens to You When Your Spouse Has Alzheimer’s”, was published in March, 2012.  A collection of experiences we had during the 10 years my husband had Alzheimer’s, it was written to connect with people who need to know that their feelings about this life-changing disease are the same as those of many others.  View the video on Youtube by the book’s title.  Please review the Table of Contents for topics of interest.

Chapter 1:  Journey Into Alzheimer’s  — Reactions before and after the diagnosis

Chapter 2:  Puzzling Pieces –  The confusion of learning how to live when your spouse has Alzheimer’s

Chapter 3:  Marriage:  Memories that Matter – Issues of marriage that affect you in dealing with Alzheimer’s

Chapter 4:  Driving the Decision – When to stop your spouse from driving

Chapter 5:  Reflections – How you feel about yourself as you change while living with Alzheimer’s

Chapter 6:  Day Care Daze – What adult day care really means to both of you

Chapter 7:  Lost and Found:  The Darkness and the Light – The loneliness of not being recognized and the joy of a remembered moment

Chapter 8:  Judge Without a Jury – Feelings when your spouse goes through paranoia with Alzheimer’s

Chapter 9:  Ready for the Holidays – What to expect, or not, for holiday time

Chapter 10:  Thank Goodness It’s Monday –  The difficulties of weekends without the regular work week schedule

Chapter 11:  When the Time Comes – The heartache of facility placement

Chapter 12:  Michael’s Place – Visiting after placement

Chapter 13:  And the Birds Sang – Peace at the end

Chapter 14:  A Trip of Discovery – Reconnecting with life after Alzheimer’s

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